We make healthcare better for patients, providers, and administrators alike by facilitating the use of technology, simplifying the process of using it, and overcoming the cultural and organizational constraints hindering its adoption.


While each entity of the GPMF ecosystem maintains an independent expertise, they hold several shared values.

  • Focus on long-term impact, not short term gain
  • Contract language that actually eliminates in-scope and out-of-scope arguments
  • Fixed pricing rather than a dependence on change orders
  • Cancellation of any agreement, for any reason, on thirty-days’ notice

With a keen focus on people, processes, and technology (in that order), VertitechIT drives IT transformation for health systems across North America. The company is the number one certified consultant in the world for the HIMSS Analytic Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) while its executive and clinical consultants, architects, and engineers design and implement IT roadmaps in line with organizational strategic plans.

VertitechIT has repeatedly implemented transformational changes for clients at virtually no net new capital expense. For example, a $2.5B health system constructed a three-site software-defined data center, saving $8MM over previous designs with little to no impact on its budget. Senior consultants also took on interim leadership roles, working to transform the institution’s siloed work culture as well.


What VertitechIT is to technology, Nectar Strategic Consulting is to the people, workflows and user requirements necessary to make technology implementation successful. With senior-level clinical, operational, and business experience, Nectar consultants recognize the need to modify organizational structures to meet the needs of healthcare processes, unifying best in class technology and driving healthcare transformation to achieve clinical objectives.

Nectar consultants have spent years digitizing processes and creating shared services to achieve greater economies of scale and effectiveness for some of the most prestigious health systems in America. The company’s boutique environment makes for nimble response times as they work to improve the patient and clinical experience, population and community impact, and reduction in costs through value-based care.


A managed service provider and value-added reseller, baytechIT is one of the only “health-centric” MSPs in the country. The company operates a US-based call center staffed by healthcare analysts, adept at meeting the unique and often time critical needs of the clinical environment.

BaytechIT is a unique joint venture between GPMF Holdings and Baystate Health of Springfield, Massachusetts, one of the first successful independently operated managed services providers in the country. The effort has allowed Baystate Health to effectively monetize its substantial internal IT investment while improving service levels and response times by 21 percent.


Liberty Fox Technologies leverages extensive analytics, automation, and cloud technologies to create customized software applications for EMR, CRM, and business intelligence processes. The company is nationally renowned for its work with blockchain and its revenue cycle management applications provide innovative and streamlined end-to-end automated workflow solutions.

LFT consultants and programmers have saved healthcare organizations millions of dollars by streamlining hospital maintenance requisition systems, data analytics and market intelligence databases, and creating an industry-leading workflow portal linking electronic medical records to revenue cycle workflow.


From revenue cycle and financial management, to complex M&A transaction support, akiro is all about the “business” of healthcare. The company’s staff of legal, financial, and clinical consultants work with health systems and large medical practices to optimize workflows, perform financial due diligence, determine fair market value, and facilitate complex transactions.

Relying upon decades of legal, financial, and government relations experience, akiro’s government program expertise has secured millions of dollars in federal grants to health systems in the areas of telehealth, clinical communications and collaboration, and hospital hardware and software.